Stadium Anarchadium

July 7, 2007

John FruscianteI just caught part of the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s set from Live Earth London and was blown away by the number of cameras being used to cover the event. Unfortunately I wasn’t blown away the video direction.

Granted, covering a live concert event isn’t easy, but I’m certain the director was either unfamiliar with the artist and the music, or they were using some sort an auto-shuffle robot to select camera views.

When Frusciante is doing a cool guitar part I actually want to see it. Instead we got potpourri of flying, zooming, panning and shaking cameras with little connection to what is actually being played/sung.

 One last thing: Concert footage should be 90% artist and 10% audience, not 50% artist and 50% morons lip-syncing. I can’t wait until interactive TV is the norm and I can play director.


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