Making sense of it all

July 8, 2007

Semantic Web matrixMichael Copeland of Business 2.0 wrote an interesting article on Nova Spivack’s pursuit of the Semantic Web and the benefits it could bring to users. Spivack’s start-up Radar Networks intends to release it’s first commercial product sometime this year.Nova Spivack

In the semantic Web computers will be able to read and understand Web pages and have enough reasoning capability to assist users with mundane tasks. There are a number of obstacles that need to be addressed before we get to a truly beneficial semantic Web, but you can easily envision apps that could roll out even before the technical aspects are fully addressed.

This quote by Spivack makes me believe he has his head screwed on straight:

“We’ve had the problem of overpromising in this industry; a lot of us who were working on semantic Web technologies early on saw the potential and got a little excited. It has taken much longer to realize than we thought. One thing Web 2.0 has taught everybody is that simpler is better. Find something useful and iterate on that.”


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