UGC, CGC, and UPCs – Part II

July 11, 2007

SlideshowBelieve it or not, user generated content isn’t new. Users; “the unwashed masses”, amateurs, and common folk have been creating content since cave paintings. This observation may seem obvious to you but you would never know it if you only listened to the proclamations by pundits and the MSM. Back in the analog age we had Brownies, 8mm, Kodachrome, Etch-a-sketch, Paint-by-numbers, Selectrics, reel-to-reel, Lite-Brite, Spirograph

And consumer generated content? In the ’30s Curly won $50,000 in a radio jingle contest. In the ’40s we had the first Pillbury Bake-Off recipe contest. And in the ’70s Razzles asked consumers to decide once and for all whether Razzles was a candy or gum.

Richard DeaconWhy do we create? To preserve memories, share our joy, win accolades, pass time, challenge ourselves, extend a dialogue, or just plain have fun. This hasn’t changed for centuries. What has changed is the tools we use to create and share content:

  • Creation tools – everything from cameras to software is making content creation easier and more polished. Technology is delivering on the previously unattainable trifecta: Faster, cheaper, and better.
  • Sharing media – the days of huddling around a photo album or being invited to sit through Fred Rutherford’s vacation pics/slideshows are probably over. Today new media allows users to “broadcast” their creations to the world.

Our desire to create and motivations to share haven’t changed much. However, new tools and media have opened the flood gates of content creation and accessability.

In part 3 I will touch on content quality, relevance and value and how they relate to various audiences.

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