The price is…wrong

July 26, 2007

Pre-rollThere’s nothing worse than watching a 30 second TELEVISION AD on the Internet…except to be forced to watch it as a pre-roll to 2 minutes of video content.

Let me re-phrase that for publishers and advertisers too dense to understand what they’re doing: I’m not really watching your ad. Yes, I see it. Yes, I hear it. But I’m not watching or listening to it. My brain is busy processing a string of adjectives as each second goes by: disrespectful, bad-mannered, boorish, brusque, discourteous, graceless, impolite, inconsiderate, insulting, intrusive, ungracious, unmannerly, etc. You should feel lucky your brand isn’t registering in my grey matter because its not going to leave any fond memories.

The aggrevation of sitting through 30 seconds of incontextual and irrelevant television advertising isn’t a price I’m willing to pay to watch 2 minutes of video content. Sure, every few months I’m stupid enough to click on a sponsored video link, but it only takes a ten seconds or so before I realize the horrible error I just made. Apparently media buyers and online publishers are slower learners than me.



  1. 2 minutes of video content- agree.
    But something longer, I wouldn’t have a problem. Not sure what the limit would be. Certainly if I could watch a 30 minute show for free, I’d watch 2 minutes of pre-roll first. Especially if all TV-type content came that way.

  2. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Coif.

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