Landing Page Optimization

May 28, 2008

Rarely do I recommend books after reading only the first half, but Landing Page Optimization is an exception. Tim Ash of SiteTuners takes the reader on a thought-proking journey that addresses the key issues surrounding the design and testing of “landing pages”. The take-away from this book sounds quite obvious: let your users determine the best design. Unfortunately most of us (self-described “experts”) fall into the trap of believing we know the right answer, only to be humbled by our users.

This book also confirms my belief that online marketers and their agencies would be well served by having some knowledge or experience in user-centered design and usability testing. Agency folk are familiar with focus groups and panels, but few have ever witnessed first hand a consumer trying to use one of their designs.




  1. Hi,

    Thanks so much for your kind words about my book.

    You hit the nail on the head when you discuss the limitations of experts.

    No matter how smart or experienced someone is, they will never perfectly understand the changing needs or desires of an anonymous mass audience that visits a landing page every day.

    That is why it makes sense to have the visitors “vote” for what they like.

    The book website is http://LandingPageOptimizationBook.com

    I would also be honored if you would consider adding my Landing Page Optimization Blog to your blogroll http://blog.sitetuners.com

    Warmest regards,

    Tim Ash – President, http://SiteTuners.com

  2. Thanks for mentioning my book. I really tried to write it for a general business audience. Even though it is pretty broad in its scope, it should be accessible to anyone who is serious about online marketing.

    Warmest regards,

    Tim Ash, President


  3. Hi Tim,

    I can only hope more traditional agencies pick up your book – they sorely need it. I once heard a Creative Director (2006) say after his first dabbling with web design “if they’re too stupid to figure this out we don’t want them as a customer”. Arrogance and laziness is pervasive.

    Even those who are designing ‘brand experiences’ or engaged in storytellilng with objectives that don’t have direct or easily measurable metrics need to read your book.

  4. Thanks very much for including faster future in your blogroll.
    I’ll admit I haven’t read this book, so can’t comment on it. But can I also recommend Subject To Change by the adaptive path guys?

  5. Can you recommend a good and reliable seo who can preview my site and suggest improvements? I am not opposed to reading the book you suggested, it’s just that i rather spend my efforts elsewhere and pay the experts.

  6. Seo is usually something you want to tackle during the planning phase, but I would suggest you contact someone like Michael Gray for seo consulting.

    Keep in mind Landing Page Optimizatiion is a different matter entirely.

  7. Our clients’ landing pages achieved higher quality scores with Google and other major search engines.

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