Changing the Marcom Mindset (part V) – The Nuances of Experiences

January 20, 2010

Brand experiences typically deliver pleasure or meaning through benefits:

  • Saves time or effort
  • Saves money or makes money
  • Provides security and peace of mind
  • Boost self esteem and social status
  • Provides fun or enjoyment.

Things that make experiences better

One way brands can dial up the pleasure and meaning generated by their experience is through personalization and customization, but there are other still other elements that can differentiate great brand experiences from the others. Brands that offer a sense of discovery, something new or unique, or something that is exclusive/scarce can set themselves apart from the competition.

Don’t forget utility

There’s one last thing I want to touch on before moving on. Many brands, if not all brands, offer an element of utility. Keep this in mind when we move on to a discussion of why most marketing communications provide no utility for consumers.

Next time: Experiences are Broad

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