Changing the Marcom Mindset (part VIII) – Mindsets are Hard to Break

February 3, 2010

The advertising mindset

I can hear many ad folk say: ‘I get it. Create experiences. Make stuff people will want to watch or look at. Make ads that are more entertaining, attention-getting, and creative. Make ads more experiential.’

But they really don’t get it. Ad people equate experiences with entertainment. Visuals, sounds, and stories that is more visually stimulating or socially shocking than the next ad. They can’t get around the fact that they’re still interrupting people. And they can’t get around the fact they treat people like a passive audience: look, listen, but don’t do.

Photo by Aaronyx

Interactivity is missing in most marcom

Powerful experiences are interactive, not passive. Most agencies don’t have the mindset or skill sets to create interactive experiences. And most agencies are wed to platforms that limit interactivity.

Agencies don’t start with the thought: ‘What experience can we design for consumers?’ They start with the thought: ‘What kind of 30 second film can we create for TV?’ Or they think they’re being cutting-edge by asking: ‘what kind of film can we create for the Internet? Maybe we can get people to pass it on too!’

Pleasure and meaning is missing in most marcom

Most marketing activities don’t provide pleasure or meaning. They don’t provide a benefit, utility or a value. They’re usually quite the opposite: interruptions.

Next time: Developing Your New Mindset

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