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I’m Tom Kasperski, a digital marketing professional with two minds: one creative, and one strategic. I hope you can use both.


I have over 20 years of creative experience working as a Creative Director, Digital Designer, and Illustrator. I attended the Kansas City Art Institute and the Columbus College of Art and Design.

From concept through implementation, I’ve designed and directed digital work for world-class brands, including 7-UP, Alltel, America Online, Bacardi, Borden, Chicken of the Sea, Dreyer’s/Edy’s Ice Cream, Diet Coke, eBay, Energizer, Enzymatic Therapy, Eureka, Exxon/Mobil, Jamba Juice, Jim Beam, Kinko’s, Maytag, Miller Brewing Company, Motorola, Nestle/Purina, Nextel, Quizno’s, T-Mobile, The Shane Company, Splenda, Verizon, Viactiv, and Visa.

I’ve won numerous industry awards, including Adweek’s BUZZ Award for Best Wireless Promotion, PROMO Magazine PRO Award for Best Use of New Media and Best Multi-Discipline Campaign, PROMO Magazine Dialog Award for Outstanding Interactive Promotion, Creative Excellence Awards from the International Web Page Awards, and APMA Worldwide Globes Award for Best Use of New Media. My illustration work has been selected for international juried exhibitions by both the Society of Illustrators (New York) and the Los Angeles Society of Illustrators.

As a Senior Creative Director and VP of Interactive and Experiential Marketing I managed the Rivet/Zipatoni interactive department, increasing revenues to over $2.4 million and our profit margin to 27%.

I was instrumental in forming the first digital creative department at Maritz in 1994 and won a grand prize/award for innovation by demonstrating how new media could enhance sales incentive program communications.

I illustrated the Scholastic Books series Clue.


I have sixteen years experience planning, directing and creating hundreds of websites, online promotions, Internet ads, email campaigns, CRM programs, kiosks, social media activities and mobile marketing campaigns.

I developed and implemented digital marketing strategies for Edy’s/Dreyer’s Ice Cream, Chicken of the Sea, and Enzymatic Therapy. The strategy I developed for Edy’s was featured in Hub Magazine in 2005.

I directed and co-authored a research report in 2009 titled Moms and the Digital EcoSystem.

I’ve blogged about marketing communications strategy for the past 3+ years at the Koolaid Antidote.

I am experienced in analyzing user data from website analytics systems, email metric reporting systems, Ad metric reports and Dynamic Logic surveys. I’ve also designed and conducted numerous usability studies and observed focus groups for both insight development and concept testing.

I conceived and implemented a method of measuring changes in branding metrics and purchase behavior through pre and post promotion surveys.

I conceived and developed the Digital Novum, a collection of insights and principles about digital behavior from my studies of consumer psychology, behavioral economics, digital ethnography, online metrics, trends, and usability engineering.

Fleishman-Hillard and the Digital Future

It looks like you’re doing some great things in the digital marketing world and I’d like to help. If you want to talk, shoot me an email or give me a call.


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