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Tweet me in St. Louis

February 17, 2010

My agency just launched STL Tweets, a community website that identifies, collects, and organizes Tweets into a variety of passion verticals. We think this is the ultimate resource for St. Louisians who want to know what the rest of the community is talking about – right now. The site also allows people from the community who are deeply connected to a specific passion area to act as curators. Check it out.


Social Networking and Brand Affinity

May 23, 2008

Petcentric PlaceAfter a long hiatus I’ve decided to start blogging again, albeit not as frequently as I had previously hoped.

Our agency just completed an ambitious project for Nestle/Purina called Petcentric Place. It’s a social network for pet owners and their pets, with all the features you would typically expect from a social network: profile pages, media galleries, friending, activity feeds, blogs, private messaging, and a robust profile search/filter. The branding of the site is subtle, but provides a foundation for Purina cohorts to offer useful tools and activities to the community without doing so in a instrusive way. The site also cedes content creation to the community – breaking from the Web 1.0 model of brand as publisher.

Stop by, visit, and let me know what you think.